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Concrete Scanning

Many On Target Construction clients need to drill or cut through concrete. Before drilling, cutting, or coring through any concrete structure concrete scanning is necessary. On Target Construction can identify the location and depth of the embedded objects in the structure using high-resolution Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). On Target Construction can help you accurately, reliably, and economically locate:

  • Non-metallic and metallic utilities
  • Mesh conduits
  • Post-tension cables
  • Pre-tension cables
  • Pipes
  • Rebar
  •  Slab thickness and voids

Polyurethane Injection

Cracks in the building concrete are common in aging buildings as well as some newer buildings and foundations due to ground movement and other reasons. They often allow water penetrate which causes damage to the interior finish and may reduce the usage and lifetime of the entire building. To eliminate the problem an elastic sealing and structural-bonding of the crack is required. Our method is a well known permanent solution and it works by filling the crack or voids in the concrete with polyurethane resin via pressure injection. High pressure generated by expanding capabilities of the polyurethane mix ensures even the tiniest hairline crack is filled with waterproofing material. You do not need to dig as long as there is access to the affected area.

Concrete coring

Mechanical, electrical and fire sprinkler lines all require penetrations to be made in the concrete/brick and that is where a concrete coring contractor is needed. We service highrise and lowrise, residential and commercial builders, mechanical, electrical and sprinkler companies.

Concrete Leak Repair

Basement waterproofing is one of the unseen construction elements, but it’s crucially important for your house. If you noticed cracks and leaks in your existing basement, you need an expert team to repair your concrete and ensure that the repair will last. We have experience in concrete waterproofing across a range of residential and commercial projects.

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